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We are a group of people that, one day in 2009, decided to answer the call to service from our spiritual director Fr. Vicente Agila for a greater good. He brought to our attention that there was a medical organization in Ecuador about to close because of a lack of funds to get the medicine for their patients. Answering this call to action we started to hold some food sales and were able to raise the needed funds for them. After this experience, we noticed that, if we really put our heart into it we had the possibility of helping many more. This was just the beginning.

Our nonprofit organization, FCJI was founded in 2010 with the purpose of serving the less fortunate people.


Our Mission is to serve our Lord as docile instruments helping the needy through the creation, coordination, and performing of activities that allow us to share the gifts that God has given to many of us with those that lack the necessary to live with dignity. 

To be a pioneer organization assisting and promoting other institutions that benefit the people in need wherever they are located.

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Padre Vicente Agila en el décimo aniversario de la Fundación

Padre Vicente Agila en el décimo aniversario de la Fundación

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